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Since 2017, Sara has completed over 100 creative marketing projects, serving over 50 clients in over 10 industries. Her approach to marketing is implementation of an integrated organizational development process that helps every client develop, strengthen and position themselves as brand leaders in the area of their expertise.

HR Business Partnership


Responsible for aligning business objectives with employees and management in marketing and sales. Sara formulated partnerships across the HR function to deliver value-added service to management and employees that reflects the business objectives of the organization. In the HRBP position, Sara maintained an effective level of business literacy about the business unit's financial position, its midrange plans, its culture and its competition.

Brand Development and Management


In a digital marketing specialist role, Sara designed, created, and delivered marketing programs to support expansion and growth of the company services and products within the target market. The execution included web design, optimization, SEO, content creation and graphic design as well as social media management and SM campaigns (LinkedIn, FB, IG and YouTube), Google analytics and adwords.


Digital Marketing Internship Program

Sara ran an internship program in summer 2021. The 3 month internship program included recruitment of recent graduates and current university students across Canada, training them in digital marketing and placing them with participating companies and organizations. In collaboration with participating universities and organizations, She further tracked and assessed interns' performance.

Program Overview

"My internship experience with Socially Montreal was very productive and exciting because I had the opportunity to develop my skills in copywriting, design and video editing with real clients and discover a little bit more of the universe of social media."


2021 Cohort


Kelly Lei

Kelly was a third-year student at McGill University pursuing a BCom degree. She was double-majoring in International Management and Finance, with a minor in Computer Science. After graduation, she would like to work on projects that allow her to evaluate new market expansion opportunities, develop strategies for global regions, and analyze new practices that can be implemented to increase company growth.


Leon was a recent graduate in marketing/advertising from the Université de Montréal . He had training as an audiovisual technician, a field that he loves as well and where he worked for a few years. As an ad-geek, his main objective was to be part of an advertising agency in the strategy and creation department combining the best of both worlds.


Leon Bione

Manon Zuffi

Manon was a fourth-year student at Vancouver Island University and soon-to-be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Studies with a minor in Journalism.
She is a language-passionate, bilingual in French and English, certificated in Spanish with knowledge in German.
As a curious individual, she is constantly seeking new learning experiences.

Amandeep Kaur

She just graduated in Business management from CDE college Sherbrooke. During her studies, she has learned about various aspects of business and marketing. As an individual, she likes to explore her practical knowledge.
Her experience with us?

She also loves to travel, reading cultural books, and listening to music when she is not working or studying.


Amandeep Kaur

Sepehr Vafaei

Based out of Vancouver, BC, he studied mechanical engineering and computing science. He trades and invests in stocks. He is also increasing his business knowledge.


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